Bespoke Software Development


What we Offers

We design, develop and deliver high-tech bespoke software solutions for SMEs, Enterprises, Funded Startups and Ventures.

White Space Consultants is an expert developer of standalone and client-server applications for Microsoft Windows.

We have an unusually wide and deep range of expertise in creating Windows applications. About 50% of our work involves the creation of bespoke business systems, using Microsoft .NET and SQL Server.

If you have a project or idea which is unusual or technically challenging, just give us a call and we can provide instant advice on how to solve it. Creative solutions are our speciality!

Development Platforms for Windows Applications

Developing Windows applications means, above all, being adaptable: the set of tools and technologies provided by Microsoft continually evolves, and in response to this, and other technologies, so does White Space.

For new systems, our preferred development platform is now Microsoft .NET, because we’ve found it to be significantly more productive than previous technologies. However, we still retain strong skills with C++ , which we can use to overcome any performance or technical issues we may find with .NET.

For most Windows applications, we recommend and use MS SQL Server as the information store. or any open source Data Base Platforms. 

Component Based Development

One of the most significant technical developments in recent years has been the growth in the market for development components. These are pre-packaged code modules that solve particular problems – such as writing PDF files, displaying charts, or even integrating a complete set of graphic drawing tools into a program.

Utilising components reduces the cost of development and generally leads to a significantly higher quality level for the same project budget.

We have extensive experience in developing Windows applications and selecting the best components for our customers’ projects.

You need a new system, on time, on budget. We can make it happen.

Whether you need a standalone Windows application, Web application, mobile application, custom database, cross-platform development, or the creation of new software-based products or services, Blueberry can help with free advice and a detailed quote for custom software. We also have a number of I.T. Consultancy and Specialist Services, including Amazon Web Services and Cloud Computing.

Windows Applications

Standalone and client-server applications for Microsoft Windows.

Web Applications

Bespoke database-driven websites and online application development.

Product Development

Design/development of software products – standalone, shrink wrap download.

Database Systems

Database applications and systems for modern businesses.

Mobile Apps

Tailored design and build of mobile apps for mobile devices.